What are the challenges you're facing as a consultant or specialist?

1. Are you earning less than $100,000, less than $500,000, or less than $1,000,000 a year?

2. Do you have non-paying clients?

3. Are you doing too much free work to gain exposure?

4. Are your services out of date?

5. Do you need additional income streams?

6. Are you starting over after adversity or is your practice a first-time startup?

7. Are you lacking the visibility, credibility or reputation you need to generate good client assignments?

8. Are you feeling beaten down by the economy?

9. Is your website getting traffic, but not paying clients?

10. Are you having difficulty determining which challenge to face first or even how to identify the challenges that exist in your practice?

11. Do you struggle to meet deadlines on time?

12. Are your proposals not landing the contracts you want?

13. Are you and your clients having conflicts over goals and outcomes?

14. Do prospective clients balk at your fees?

15. Are you having difficulty finding affordable solutions that work?

16. Would you have difficulty identifying the work you do in only three or four words?

17. Are you exhausted from trying to be all things to your clients?

18. Are you having difficulty respecting some of your clients?

19. Do you sometimes feel your clients don't value what you do for them, or treat you with respect?

20. Do you have difficulty getting clients to follow your recommendations?

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