Unsolicited Testimonials from Colleagues and Clients

Andrea Reynolds is a marketing genius.
Michael Zizis, Astrologer, www.MichaelZizis.com

Andrea Reynolds is a friend, colleague and the best promoter I know.
Jane Segerstrom, Image Consultant/Author (Houston)

Clever competitive analysis. Contrarian Andrea Reynolds not only got her competitors to reveal their clients, services, and fees; gave their permission to sell their information; but they paid her to do so.
William A. Band, author-consultant, Value-Added Marketing.

Andrea Reynolds has not only developed her left brain and her right brain equally well, but trained them to talk to each other.
Vinod Busjeet, PhD, The World Bank, Washington DC

Where others see the world in black and white, Andrea Reynolds sees the world in blazing technicolour.
Robert J. Brown, London Polytechnic Institute, London England

You are such a beneficial resource on a number of levels and an insightful strategist who's helpful in so many ways.
Alana Mileras (Ohio)

Your coaching was a big boost for me!
Mary Gunderson, Author (Minnesota) HistoryCooks.com

Wow, you are really good. I like all your ideas. The ability to synthesize information is a lost art.
Regina McNamara (Connecticut)

Your website is so full of amazing info offering limitless possibilities... I can tell you are a vibrant original thinker.
Dr. Rhonda Hull (Washington)

Comments from Audiences

I have known Ms. Reynolds for two years. During this time she has successfully taught several classes at the Hamot Women's Health Connection. She is creative, well-organized, and self-motivated. [She] has consistently received excellent evaluations from students. Laurel Swartz, Program Director, Erie PA

Thank you for your participation in our meeting on Saturday. We had considerable feedback after the presentation on how meaningful it had been to the audience. Dale Carnegie Courses, Ontario

I would like to extend our thanks to you for your thought-provoking presentation. Your topic sparked great interest among our members. Special Libraries Association of Canada

Thanks for participating in our recent annual meeting. This topic added a new dimension to our educational program which is usually very clinically oriented. It did stimulate some interesting discussion. Canadian Society of Hospital Pharmacists

Your topic stimulated a great deal of interest as the large attendance showed. Canadian Association of Women Executives

Your presentations helped create one of the best conferences yet. Junior Farmers Association of Ontario

Your topic was well received by those in attendance. I hope we can work more with you in the future. Industrial Marketing Research Association of Canada

The feedback I got about your talk was very favourable. We certainly learned a lot from you. Currie, Coopers & Lybrand Management Consultants, Toronto

You were just super last evening. You made your points clearly, and on the elevator I heard nothing but praise.

Andrea is an excellent teacher. Keep her teaching. Learning Annex student

Thank you for such an enlightening and relaxing day. You gave us such positive feelings. I came away feeling anything is possible. Private seminar participant

I left feeling stimulated, saturated, satisfied, and ready to act. Seminar participant

I thought your presentation was excellent, extremely professional and informative. I wish you were a little closer to Australia. Training program participant

The course was taught superbly and Andrea is highly professional. She was very communicative and knowledgeable. Consulting seminar participant

It's been a pleasure participating and sharing the tremendous amount of information you have accumulated for this tremendous course. Consulting seminar participant

More! Her course is invaluable, practical, down-to-earth. Learning Annex student