I offer some benefits that most other speakers don't can't. Here's a list:

1. Low maintenance. I'm a veteran speaker, having been paid to speak since 1979. I have also mentored speakers for many years and negotiated contracts for them as a speaker agent from 1991 to 2008, so I know the ropes from both sides of the table. I know what questions to ask and many ways I can best help you to have a most successful and memorable event. I don't need hand-holding, but I'm happy to assist you if you are new to organizing events and hiring speakers. I'm good at both seeing the big picture and handling the small details. This leaves you more time to attend to the less-experienced or high maintenance speakers.

2. Affordable. Don't confuse affordable with low cost. My fees are mid-range and I'm worth every penny. What I'm saying is that I can give your group a number of creative ways to afford my fee. There should be no way you will have to reject me as a speaker based on fee.

3. Available in an emergency. Because I choose to not have a fully-booked speaking schedule, I can be available in a day, and sometimes in 4 to 6 hours, when you need me to fill in for a scheduled speaker who has fallen ill or has been stranded.

4. Frugality. I'm not a prima donna who needs flowers and champagne in her room. I don't run up a big room service bill or expect First Class Airfare. In fact, I dislike flying and would prefer to drive. (The more I see of our country the better.) I have my own RV and taking the train is another travel option because I get to read and talk to other people en route to you.

5. Citizenship. I can work in both Canada and the United States with no immigration problems. I hold United States citizenship as well as Permanent Resident Status in Canada. I can accept payment in both Canadian and US currency, and maintain bank accounts in both countries. (I have a US Social Security Number and a Canadian Social Insurance number.)

6. Promotion. For several decades, I promoted authors, speakers and practitioners and was able to generate publicity in the national and international press, and book appearances on national television and radio for both clients and myself. If you would like me to promote my appearance in advance of your event, I'd be happy to do that to increase interest and attendance in your event.

7. No Sales. By agreement, I don't promote anything from the platform: not books, future seminars, consulting sessions. You're paying me to educate, enlighten, amuse and entertain, not pitch to your audience.