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Agency Mission: To represent a limited number of speakers and help them increase their income and professionalism while ensuring they are well-treated and well-respected.

The Problem: New-ish speakers are speaking for free, for the experience, for just expenses, or for book sales only, and not being paid to speak and disseminate their wisdom.

The Solution: I can work on behalf of speakers who bring me their inquiries and invitations to speak, and help them increase their value in the minds of their sponsor (the organization asking them to speak) and thereby increasing their speaking income (and perks, as well).

Choose from these services at any time:

1. Contract negotiation for any speaker who brings me their speaking inquiries and invitations so I can negotiate better fees, terms and amenities (perqs). I can do this on a commission or fee basis. You choose.

Quick consult with me on agreements you want to negotiate on your own.

Critique of your current agreement/contract so you have a contract to use over and over that works in your best interests.

Contract template (4 pages) adapted from a contract used by a lawyer who speaks.

Critique of your demo tape/video.

Platform training to polish your presentation and performance.

Speechwriting services so you present your material effectively and professionally.

Private tutorials on any aspect of presenting on stage, on television, and on radio.

Visibility campaign to position you so that paid speaking engagements come to you effortlessly.