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This is what you can expect when you retain Andrea Reynolds to advise, teach, you how to do it yourself or counsel, mentor you as you do.

1. Confidentiality Andrea doesn't reveal names of clients nor the nature of the work she does for specific clients without their explicit permission.

2. Longevity Andrea has been in practice as a specialist positioning and promoting specialists since 1979. For the two years prior, she was a specialist in executive image consulting.

3. Accessibility Andrea is available to clients when it matters... evenings and weekends if there is a need to do so. She can be reached easily without having to go through a hired gatekeeper.

4. Rapid Response Andrea is quick to respond to important questions and to opportunities on your behalf.

5. Creativity Andrea is always thinking, always on the lookout for new opportunities, new connections, resources, and clever solutions on your behalf.

6. Attention Andrea focuses on your campaign by not committing to more than 2 campaigns at the same time.

7. Free Extras Andrea looks for ways to give you additional services and resources - a quick tutorial, a manual, a class, that make a difference... at no extra cost.

8. Loyalty Andrea gives her current clients priority over potential clients.

9. Integrity Andrea does not work with competing clients at the same time. See her personal code of ethics.

0. Organization Skills Andrea is organized and keeps her clients organized. Except where it makes sense not to, she meets deadlines.

11. Timely Action When Andrea sees an opportunity for your visibility and recognition, she drops everything to act on it.

12. Availability If news breaks at 11 PM or 5 AM which a client needs to respond to, she's on it.

13. Bi-Nationality With one foot in the United States, and the other in Canada, Andrea considers the whole of North America as your market. She also keeps a hand – no more feet available – in Great Britain, as she attended university (Oxford) and worked there (London).

14. Focus Andrea specializes in specialists, nothing else. Unlike many PR, marketing, communications firms, she is not a generalist. She maintains her focus on your needs because this is what she most loves doing.

15. Intuition Andrea puts herself in your place (empathy) often anticipating your questions before you ask and answers them quickly.

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