What went wrong?

When a relationship has ended unexpectedly without explanation, I'll find out the real reasons for you so you can heal emotionally.

If you've been unexpectedly rejected without explanation, and are unable to heal from the hurt, I can be a non-threatening intermediary to help you get answers and find closure. I support forgiving as a means of healing once you have the answers you need, but I don't support actions or behavior that smacks of revenge or retaliation.

When a relationship ends and you are left with unanswered questions, I can be the go-between who finds out on your behalf in a non-threatening, non-intimidating way. I make it easy for the other person to explain because there is no anger and no tears... two things the other person is likely trying to avoid by his or her silence. But, most importantly: your dignity remains intact.

I can also
retrieve any belongings that may have been left behind and bring them to you.

Fee for more delicate or difficult situations: $100 per hour; $300 for a half-day (3 hours); $600 for a full day (6 hours). Sometimes the time required is less than an hour and I will bill accordingly.

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Canadian Residents
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All information is kept confidential. Contact Andrea Reynolds.
Also see: The Go-Between service.

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