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"I've looked through the website and it looks great! Thanks for all your hard work." Cathy

"Andrea, you have been fantastic! Cathy's praise for you was that you not only deliver, you OVER deliver! And she was 100% right. THANK you! I couldn't have done this without you. Please let me be a reference anytime." Marla

You should have a web site. If you don't have one I can build you a simple site... like this ( site. I can create...
Speaker sites
Author sites
Consulting practice sites
Clinic sites
Web sites I have created:

Possible elements to be incorporated
Banner header

Side bar
Navigation bar

Scanned documents
Shopping cart and payment buttons
Donation button
Subscription payment button

Navigation buttons/links
Meta tags and key words
Let's start with your domain name and get it registered in your name to keep it "portable". You can share my web host at cost (no markup). Pay a low-cost project fee and if you like, you can have monthly updates usually with a 24 hour turnaround, sometimes within 20 minutes. You'll have a template to be used for all pages and a web site of at least 5 pages to start. I can usually get your web site completed and uploaded inside of a week.

Some of the pages to consider:
Home page
About us page
FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)
Site contents page
Contact page
Contact form
Survey forms
Data collection forms

Biography, credentials page
Product list page (store)
Services page (store)
Instructions and directions
Calendar page
Rates, fees, prices
News releases for press, media
Photo gallery
Relevant links page
Resources page
Product or service payment page
Donation payment page
Subscription payment page

Web hosting

Domain registration

You will also have access to your
web stats which will tell you which pages have been visited and when, by what kind of browser, and what search engines and web sites have "sent" them to you. You will also be able to see the key words people are using to find your site.

You maintain
ownership/copyright of the content and you can move the web site to another host if you prefer. We've seen some designers hold web sites hostage because they don't want anyone else hosting "their" work. We don't feel that way. It's your web site; you've paid for it and you can move it or change it as you like.

Andrea purchased her first computer in 1981 and has been online since 1994 when she was hired by a Toronto Internet Service Provider (dialup service and web host) to write a promotional brochure describing the benefits of having a web site. Her first web page on the "Net" was posted in 1994.



Web site publishing: A simple 5 page site with page template and some simple graphics and photos: $300 - $500. Each additional page: $25.

Text writing: Additional $50 - $250 per page depending on the volume and complexity of text.

Article writing (how-to): minimum 300 words. Place your request on this page:

Web hosting (our cost): $20 onetime set up, $10 per month x 12 months.

Domain registration per year (our cost): $16.

Monthly maintenance (unlimited): $50 per month x 12: $600.

We can also "tidy" existing web sites,
fix errors and misspellings: $1 per "fix".
FEE: Pay a deposit of $300.

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