"The magic bus"

I travel for business in my blue, 2004 Ford E-350 (camping van) that has just passed 16,000 miles. It has a V-10 engine and is equipped with a "marine" battery and 1800 watt inverter.

I use it to see clients, present to audiences, and work, and can park in your parking lot, keeping costs low and not imposing on you (much). Connecting to your electricity and Wifi would be very appreciated.

drivers side (best)
In addition to the windshield, the van has 11 windows. Two open fully
(front), four open halfway (back), four open just an inch or two (sides).

passenger side
Passenger side showing awning, man door, marine battery.

2015-09-02 14.16.39
It's too tall to fit in most underground parking lots.

2015-09-02 14.15.47
The hydraulic lift, originally used for a hot air balloon gondola. The previous
owners, like me, have been residents of both Canada and the United States.

My stickers: Good Sam and Planet Fitness memberships.

Looking from front to back: kitchen on left, office on right.

Looking from back to front.

2015-09-05 15.48.19
My dining table and work surface.

2015-09-05 15.52.15
Overhead fan.

2015-09-05 15.51.31
Vent over bed.

2015-09-05 15.52.49
Bed area with shelves and 4 windows. Storage underneath.

2015-09-05 15.48.03
Front of van showing driver and passenger seats, thermometer, 3 storage compartments.

The driver's console with backup camera and navigation system.
Remote is for the air conditioner.

2015-09-05 15.48.12
The commode, and extra seating. The portable air conditioner will sit here.

Driver's ceiling
This shows the ceiling map lights and above controls for lights and music.

2015-09-05 15.50.22
The kitchen: clean water and grey water storage system, sink, propane burners, fridge.

2015-09-05 15.49.02
Propane 2 burner stove and sink.
Clean water and grey water storage with pump below.

The water storage area for the water and water pump.

2015-09-05 15.49.14
Mini-fridge and tiny freezer. These run off the ignition battery while driving.
Above the fridge is a counter and small, overhead microwave.

The overhead microwave.

I'll be taking this little TV with me.

patio rug
Patio rug, patio table. (I gave away the grill.) I have one red, folding beach chair.

Solar collector, box and gadgets to run things. Provides 40 watts.

Mosquito nets
Mosquito netting. I made these for 8 windows. The small round disks are magnets.
The back windows don't have metal for the magnets to stick to.

The portable air conditioner needs to be plugged into electricity due to its power.

Lift folded
This shows the hydraulic lift on the back.

Lift down
This shows the hydraulic lift lowered all the way to the ground.

Lift extended
Here's the hydraulic lift halfway down to make a back porch.

The man door open.

I've made a makeshift shower from a tub meant for mixing cement and a solar shower. Once I fill it with water I lay it on the hood of the van to heat the water. Then bring it inside to use.

These are my inflatable solar lanterns.
I can increase the intensity and make them blink.

This is the Koolatron cooler I received through Freecycle.
It sits between the two front seats for my cat to sit on as I drive.
He likes the air conditioner blowing on him.

This is the pet fence I received through Freecycle to allow both cats to enjoy outside when we stop to visit.

Awning extended (at camp)
The former owners took this photo of their campsite. It came with the pink flamingos.

Blogger plate copy
The license plate, indicating what I do inside.

Some of the things I bring with me:

A laptop desk which lifts to create a lectern.
A stool from which I can sit to teach workshops.
Two cell phones.
Laptop/tablet or desktop computer.
Paper shredder.
Whiteboard and markers.
Bulletin board and easel.
Digital camera and tripod.

GPS/navigation system.
Small air compressor to maintain tire pressure.

Air conditioner.
Battery-operated fan.
Propane heater.
Carbon monoxide detector.

Collapsible patio table.
Folding chair.
Patio rug.
Mosquito nets for windows.
Citronella candles.
Solar path lights.
Folding screen room.
Battery-operated lantern.

Solar "generator" power for charging small electronics.
Power box for charging ignition battery. (Requires charging from electric outlet.)
Marine battery and Inverter (1800 watts).

Single-burner hotplate.
Solar shower and tub.
7" television.
Sterno stove.
Camping size pots and pans.
Dishes and cutlery.
Dishpan and drainer.
First aid kit.
Solar radio.

2 cats.
Litter box and litter.
Food, dishes and water.
2 cat beds.
2 cloth cat carriers.
Cat playpen.
Cat fence.