Not for the Timid

Copyright Andrea Reynolds 2002-2017

People may think I'm a heretic, a turncoat, a maverick, a renegade because I hold a philosophy which is the reverse of what most people follow.

For forty years I've raised the profiles of specialists and experts, helping them multiply their number of "fans" and significantly increase their revenues. I teach crazy things like: don't pay for advertising (it's ineffective and expensive); get paid to write and speak and consult instead of giving it away for free. See my 12 Contrarian Principles:

For some reason I still can't fathom, I see experts – even the speakers I agreed to represent – pay for advertising instead of generate media and press exposure. (If they'd ask, I'd show them how to be newsworthy enough to become a delight to journalists.)

I see them write articles for free thinking they need to do it to promote their products instead of getting paid to write the article and still have an opportunity to promote themselves as authorities. Why are they leaving thousands of dollars on the table? Beats me.

Why do speakers agree to work for free when the organizations have the money to pay them? Don't these speakers realize they are teaching organizations to have less respect for them?

Here's a news flash folks...

You can't make money selling your advice if you give it all away for free!
OK, maybe you can make a little bit of money. But you probably won't be able to support yourself if you work for free... unless you hold a full-time job somewhere else. But is that the kind of life you want?

Yesterday I talked with someone who said he wanted to give away all his advice for free on his web site for a year and then if people like it he will start charging a fee down the road. His thinking was that all the big guys (like eBay) do it. Three things he's not understanding:

1. He's teaching his market that his advice has no value. If
he doesn't value it why would anyone else? Why pay for it if he has spent money and his full time work over a year telling me it's not worth paying for?

2. Those big guys don't make their money selling advice. They make money from advertisers and sponsors. As a specialist you sell your advice; you're not in the ad sales business.

3. Those big guys also had investors that put up millions so the owners could take home huge paychecks. Unless you have investors putting up millions for you to spend and live on, I think working for free for a year is a good way to end up bankrupt, divorced, and in ill health.

I don't know... maybe it's easier for them to accept less than they deserve than to stand up and claim what they want and deserve. The only reason I can come up with is that they are

I like people who are respectful, courteous, kind, and ethical, but that doesn't mean they also have to disrespect themselves. I want to work with people who have the
courage to step away from the herd of sheep.

If you decide following everyone else (timidity) is easier for you, then this website is not for you and you should probably leave now.

If you have the courage to do what the leading authorities do – position yourself as a leader and generate an excellent income by selling your advice – then let's talk about how I can help you get there.

Just remember, I give my clients excellent value as they can afford it and as their incomes grow.
But I don't work for free!

OK, tell me what you think.