Are you vulnerable to the charms of a dishonest lover?

OutSmarting Sweetheart Swindlers

How to Protect Your Heart and Finances from Romantic Con Artists, a booklet by Andrea Reynolds, $9.95

Read this booklet and you will be on your way to avoiding emotional and financial loss.

Smart people have lost their investments, jewelry, art, jobs, homes, businesses, and professional reputations when they trusted a clever liar. Learn how to protect your assets and -- if you've been stung -- take legal action to recover what's yours and begin the healing process.

"Your booklets are enormously helpful and include wonderful, helpful information about these con artists." - Jim, who was working to rescue someone from a swindler.


I've had occasion to observe six "sweetheart swindlers" and the professional women they swindled, not just after the fact, but during the "relationship" (swindle)! These aren't just men who mooch, but men who steal... and they aren't always men. Women can be romantic swindlers, too, but fewer men will talk about it. Because I'm not the target, I've been able to get a few of these con artists to open up to me... before they disappeared.

Using my own research, I helped three of these women recover some of their money and belongings. I also collected - after multiple dead ends -- full payment owed
me by a neighbor who swindled 37 other people (clients of his funeral home) to the tune of $90,201.... before he was sent to prison for 15 months.

Lately I've been working with more men than women who were targets of female con swindlers, women who quickly marry and divorce men once they get hold of their life savings or inheritances.

I hold small group seminars for single adults to help them protect their hearts and assets. My next seminar is January 26, 2009. Included in the class fee is a copy of my 25 page booklet. Please register by Thursday, Jan. 20.


    • • How to identify the "sweetheart swindler" quickly
• How to identify a compulsive liar who is not necessarily a swindler
• How to discover if you could be a potential target
• Tips for discovering if you're in trouble: the first signs
• Ways to safeguard your savings, income, business, possessions
• Steps to outsmart him at his own game. It's possible!
• Documents you'll need to retrieve what's yours.

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