How to Start Your Own Mutual Self-Help Support Group, $14.95

E-Manual written and published by Andrea Reynolds from her three-hour workshop. (Book her to conduct this workshop for your group.)

The Manual
Self help groups offer people who face a common problem the opportunity to meet with others and share their experiences, knowledge, strengths, and hopes. Run for and by their members, self help groups can be better described as "mutual help" groups. Many such groups are started each week across the country by ordinary people with a little courage, a sense of commitment and a lot of caring. While there is no single formula for starting a group, this class will provide some general considerations you may find helpful. The focus of the class will be on setting up the support group and getting visibility within the community to attract members.

The Author
Andrea Reynolds has been an active participant in two mutual support groups, including a 12 step program. She has been a co-founder of associations on the provincial and national level, and also the founder and executive director of an international association. Besides providing private, supportive counseling on a fee basis, Andrea has hosted call-in radio shows on relationships, and has written several self-help manuals and workbooks.

1. What is a mutual support group?
2. What does a mutual support group do?
3. What types of support groups currently exist?
4. What is the purpose of a support group?
5. Why is there a need for support groups?
6. What are some common criteria for membership in a group?
7. What are the benefits of membership in a support group?
8. What can a member expect from a group?
9. What activities or "products" can a support group provide?
10. What happens at a support group meeting?
11. How might a support group be sponsored?
12. How do support groups cover overhead costs?
13. Where can meetings be held?
14. What is needed at the meeting site?
15. What are some common "rules" for meetings?
16. Who leads the group?
17. What are some common meeting formats?
18. What problems might we encounter?
19. How can support groups reach the public?
20. When should a support group become incorporated?
21. Resources
22. Example: Dealing With Loss Support Group
23. Example: Public Service Announcement (2)
24. Planning Pages for new groups

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