The $30,000 an Hour Speaker

16 articles with tips I wrote for the speakers whose contracts I negotiated upwards.


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I wrote these 16 articles for speakers who want to generate bigger fees and contracts.

1. If you think you need an agent, you probably don't. Here's why.

2. Twelve Truths Speakers Need to Know About Speaker Bureaus and Speaker Agents

3. The REAL Function of a Speaker Agency.... and why you should care.

4. What is exclusive representation? And does it make sense for you?

5. The Role of Publicist, PR Consultant, Manager, Speaker Agent, Speaker Bureau in a Speaker's Career

6. 35 Reasons to have a Speaker Advocate. These benefits may convince you.

7. What are your contract terms? Make a list before you're asked.

8. Ten Considerations for Choosing Speakers, or... what meeting planners are looking for.

9. Ten Reasons why you may not be getting any results from your speaker profile on speaker directories... and what to do about it.

10. Sixteen Ways to Promote Yourself Online as a Speaker (4.5 pages) Are you using all the free tools available to you to promote your speaking skills or are you inexperienced with self-promotion techniques?  Here are some easy ways to begin generating attention online. Start with one idea, then add another and another.

11. Twelve Steps to Becoming a Master Speaker (2 pages)

12. Twenty Questions to Help You Build Your Business Plan and Your "Platform" (1 page)

13. Survey Question: Why aren't you letting a speaker agent negotiate better fees for you? Plus Answers to Agent Survey Questions (2 pages)

14. Why Some Speakers Don't Charge Fees

15. Pokey Speakers... Why it's best not to be one.

16. Speaker Data Sheet… The information speaker agents need from you.

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