Sell Your Manufactured or Mobile Home in 60 Days and save $500 to $6,000 in agent fees: 150 Smart Selling Secrets by Andrea Reynolds.

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"I sold my mobile home in 6 days for more than I paid for it. Use my 150 secrets and you can sell your home faster, too."


Order as many as you like: buy one for yourself and another for the noisy neighbors who you wish would move away. We'll send a copy to them anonymously! They also make thoughtful gifts for friends or family whose homes aren't selling as fast as they wish.

Here's what one buyer said:
"I received your booklet, Sell Your Mobile Home Fast, and it is great. I have been buying used mobile homes, repairing them and reselling them, usually with financing, for the past several years and wish I had your booklet from the start. There were a lot of things in there I didn't even think of! I used it on a recent sale and feel I was able to get at least $500 more for the home." Joe Honce, Michigan

What the author says about her 32-page booklet In my area I see For Sale signs on vacant and inhabited mobile homes which remain unsold for 4 months and longer. This is unnecessary. When I decided to buy a newer home and sell my current one, I put my marketing skills to work and found a qualified buyer within six days of putting my first home on the market -- without a real estate agent. Despite it being out in the country, and without spending a penny on advertising, I got the price I wanted for it, too.


I bought this "vintage" 1978 Victorian in 1999 and sold it a year later for a little more than I paid for it. I simply "detailed" it and marketed it cleverly. My booklet tells you how I did it, step by step.

When I bought my second home, which had quite a few great features, I was able to get the price reduced because I was willing to do all the cleaning and repairs required to bring it up to my standards. If the seller had been willing to do some simple upgrades and repairs I would have paid thousands more and he could have made a good profit in a short time. But he didn't.

It was then that I realized my neighbors just didn't understand how to market their homes... first to make them highly desirable, then to get the attention of prospective buyers, then to create overwhelming interest, and then to get a signed Purchase agreement with a deposit.

So I wrote down all my methods and organized them into 8 areas:

  • inside the home,
  • outside the home,
  • underneath the home,
  • promoting your home (my favorite),
  • getting ready to show your home,
  • showing the home,
  • closing the sale, and
  • after the sale.

I've also included a 3-page checklist of your home's features, information to include in your purchase agreement and other places.

Order my electronic purchase agreement templates - which you can adjust for your personal use. I have used them successfully multiple times. Utilize the 3-page item checklist you'll find in my booklet in your Purchase Agreement.  

If you want to sell your home (mobile or stationary) fast, and at a good price, with or without an agent, use my booklet and you'll get good results with far fewer headaches.

Here is the essence of my 150 tips:
  • Your home must look tidy, clean and cared for.
  • Your home must smell good and sound peaceful.
  • Your home must be in good repair.
  • Your home must have "curb appeal."
  • Extras count: appliances, parking, landscaping, outdoor "rooms"

6 Sample Tips from my e-booklet: US $7.95, or print edition: $21.95 Copyright Andrea Reynolds 2001-2018.

1. Clean the vertical blinds and mini-blinds for each window. Vacuum with brush attachment or use electrostatic cloths.

2. To refresh dusty or smokey curtains, valances, and draperies, wash and fluff them or replace with better ones that will stay with the home.

3. Glue down any added wallpaper that is starting to peel at the edges, or, if in very poor condition pull it all down carefully.

4. When showing the home display only one full set of your best bath towels in each bath. People want to see the permanent fixtures more than your decor and accessories.

5. To attract attention from passersby, attach colorful balloons or bouquets of flowers to your Open House sign.

6. Offer a substantial finder's fee to friends and family members so they will spread the word to their friends and co-workers. Whoever brings you a buyer who purchases the home gets the fee/bonus.

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