Sell Your Advice & Knowledge:
250 Smart Ideas for Consultants + Specialists

A compilation of 16 tip sheets by Andrea Reynolds

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Learn from the costly mistakes I made!

I've been a consultant since 1977, but wasn't always as knowledgeable as I am now. I learned a great deal from reading, from an ex-husband who had 10 more years' experience as a consultant than I, and from painful, and sometimes expensive trial and error.

My full-day seminar,
Successful Consulting, and my weekend seminar, Get Corporate Counseling Contracts, were quite popular because the knowledge saved newer consultants a lot of time and money. My students wanted to buy the notes I printed to take home and refer to when they need a solution to a sticky situation or a reminder to motivate them through a business lull. I've distilled my best tips and ideas and presented them here in an easy-to-read format.

Contents: Sell Your Advice & Knowledge

• 16 ways to achieve the status of "expert"

• 30 ways to package your knowledge

• 15 no-cost ways to become visible

• 8 questions your brochure must answer

• 20 point policy to stop giving away free advice

• 6 point checklist for setting fees

• 15 ways to quote fees and expenses

• Checklist for action when press/media call

• How to be a great guest on TV + radio

• 16 signs of a client problem and what to do

• 12 ethical issues consultants need to address

• 10 tips for do-it-yourself publicity

• 12 ways to improve your writing skills

• 12 etiquette tips for approaching TV shows

• 15 things to do with your newspaper clips

• 10 tips for outrageous self-promotion

• 10 ways you may be violating someone's copyright

5 Sample tips

1. 16 Warning signs of client problem: "The services you've been asked to provide just don't feel right. Pay attention to your intuition: stop and think what was happening when you first got that feeling. Pinpoint the source of your concern and discuss it."

2. 15 Ways to quote fees: "Tell a potential client how long your quote will be valid. This requires them to make a decision by a specified date."

3. Media/Press interview checklist for action: "List 20 questions they are likely to ask, including insulting, embarrassing, and alarming questions. They are sure to ask at least one and you will need to have a confident reply ready so you aren't blind-sided."

4. 8 questions your services brochure must answer: "Who is the person behind the company? A service is an intangible. Clients demand tangibility and you are the tangible aspect of your service. Give them your name, in addition to your company, and perhaps a photo."

5. 10 tips for promoting yourself: "Volunteer for high profile positions such as association or company spokesman or committee chairman. Public relations, publicity, and fund drive chairmen are often interviewed and quoted in the course of their responsibilities."

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