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: Brainstorm Party: Achieving Your Heart's Desire (Which May Have Seemed Impossible).

This is a group participation effort based on Barbara Sher's book, Wishcraft. Bring to the party the idea of the thing you most want to HAVE, DO or BE. Each person will have the brainstorming support of the rest of the group and come away with an achievable plan or step to take. Nothing is impossible. By the end of the party everyone should come away with a do-able plan or resource or contact for making their heart's desire a reality.

Here's how it works. Let's say Linda's heart's desire is to take 6 month sabbatical from work to write a cookbook, but doesn't have a quiet place to write, can't afford to pay rent while she's not working, and doesn't have an equipped kitchen where she can test recipes. My heart's desire is to have someone to cook delicious meals for me that are nutritious so I don't have to cook and can feel pampered every day. I have an extra bedroom with access to office equipment I can offer Linda in exchange for being her food "guinea pig." Nancy's a fan of Norm Abrams (The New Yankee Workshop on PBS) and wants to learn simple woodworking and carpentry as her next career, but needs to continue working full-time as nurse which she dislikes just to have an income. Linda remembers that her Uncle Joe is thinking of closing down his hand made furniture business because he wants to retire and has no sons who want to carry on his work. Linda will ask her uncle to offer Nancy an opportunity to be an unpaid apprentice in his shop on weekends, and perhaps one day Nancy will take over Joe's workshop, allowing Joe to feel that he has left a legacy behind. And so it goes for each of the 12 people in the room. Be a part of this exciting, sharing experience where each person receives from the group. (Coffee, tea and cookies will be served.)

Facilitator: Creative thinker, Andrea Reynolds, has achieved many of her dreams simply by deciding, seeking, and asking: study at Oxford University, travel throughout South America, live at the posh Sutton Place Hotel, start a publishing company to publish books, work with millionaire clients, negotiate a contract for Margaret Atwood, be a guest of David Frost, live in London, England, live in Toronto, Canada, be recognized as an expert in the national press and press, find her long-lost brother, own her own Bed and Breakfast business, etc. Now she wants to help you achieve your dreams.

Sunday, January 11, 2009; 1 PM - 5 PM 12 people will be accepted. One time only at this low price! Advance registration: $5. At the door: $15 each. If you register you must attend. If you don't show, the event will not be effective for the others and may have to be cancelled.

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Write Tough Letters Brilliantly to Get the Results You Desire

When you have had money or property not returned or refunded, do what Andrea Reynolds does for her clients. She writes clear letters that get the desired results. In this hands-on,
all day workshop you will learn what Andrea does to get a positive outcome and how she does it. You will write a brilliant letter with her guidance and with the support of the group members. Lunch provided.

Saturday, January 17, 2009; 10 AM - 5 PM
No more than 8 people will be accepted. Advance registration: $49. At the door: $99 each.

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"You're Smart... Why Aren't You Earning Enough?" Smart Tips that Take You from Chronic Financial Crisis to Financial Comfort

Have you ever asked yourself that? Are you writing for free, speaking for free, or giving away your time and advice for free? Are you having trouble saying no to inappropriate requests? Are you accepting projects that don't pay you enough, or are you turning away projects which could pay you what you need? In this seminar, learn very specific ways to stop under-valuing and under-pricing yourself. Specific tips to change your thinking, change your behavior, and change your financial picture.

Saturday, January 24, 2009; 1- 5 PM.
No more than 8 people will be accepted. Advance Registration: $29. At the door: $49 each.

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OutSmarting Sweetheart Swindlers: How to Protect Your Heart and Financial Assets from Romantic Con Artists

Are you vulnerable to the charms of a dishonest lover? Many smart men and women are. Sweetheart Swindlers are women too. You will learn:
How to identify the "sweetheart swindler" quickly; How to identify a compulsive liar who is not necessarily a swindler; How to discover if you could be a potential target; Tips for discovering if you're in trouble: the first signs; Ways to safeguard your savings, income, business, possessions; Steps to outsmart him at his own game. It's possible! Documents you'll need to retrieve what's yours.

Monday, January 26, 2009; 6-9:30 PM
No more than 14 people will be accepted. Advance Registration: $9.00 At the door: $19.00 each.

Check back for more classes in February and March 2009.