Room Set Up and Equipment for Andrea Reynolds
when you've invited her to speak

Estimate Request

For small groups of 15 or fewer, it's ideal to have participants seated in a "U" or horseshoe shape, either at tables or a board room table, facing Andrea.

For class room seating, it's ideal to have chairs or seats staggered so that everyone has a good view of Andrea as she speaks.

For auditorium type seating it's ideal to have two or three aisles between seating for good visibility.

Andrea prefers to speak so that she is facing the room's entrance so she can see who comes in late.

Some of the following equipment may be required:

  • Lavalier mic is needed for audiences 75 or larger.

  • Adhesive flip charts are needed for smaller brainstorm groups, with plenty of free wall space. (Markers)

  • One or two tables next to or near Andrea, as she speaks, for materials.

  • Lectern

  • Overhead projector

  • Projector screen

  • White board and dry erase markers

  • Video recorder, camera, tripod, monitor, blank tapes/disks

These personnel may be needed:
  • Assistant to collect and hand things out to the audience

  • Cashier

  • Standby technician