Receive a 10%-25% Referral Fee for recommending
Andrea Reynolds as a speaker


If you are enterprising you could generate a very good income over the next few years by acting as my "finder".

Recommend me (Andrea Reynolds) as a speaker and if it results in a paid speaking engagement you will receive 10% to 25% of the confirmed fee. The more involved you are in the process, the larger the percent of the finders fee. This could be
$100, $500, $1250 or more. Andrea speaks for no less than $1,000 locally; and her distance presentations, full-day and two-day programs are priced significantly higher.

The finder's fee may be claimed by the first recommender for the event. Multiple finders may have to equally split the finder's fee. Anyone but the meeting planner who is in charge of hiring the speakers for that event can be a "finder".

You must advise me of your recommendation
before the event is confirmed, with some form of proof of your early contact. Providing a lead is not the same as actively making a recommendation on my behalf.

See my presentation titles:
keynotes and seminars.

When you've recommended me as a speaker, please contact me with the name of the group, web site if they have one, and person you contacted:

Please keep copies of our correspondence to document our agreement.

Be sure to include your full name, current email address and phone number (preferably a land line) with your area code.

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