Why the Reluctance to Have an Agent Represent Your Interests?

Copyright Andrea Reynolds 2003-2017

I've always enjoyed getting more money for speakers and ensuring that they receive the royal treatment. But for some reason speakers with low fees seem very reluctant to actually have someone help them. They say they want better fees, but then handle their own contracts and fees without contacting me to work on their behalf.

I often get phone calls after a speaker makes a mistake or doesn't get the terms he really deserves.

Example: One speaker called me late on a Saturday night to tell me two of his speaking engagements canceled at the last minute and he won't get any of his fee. I'm not sure why he wanted me to know this because he turned down the opportunity to have m represent his interests.

If only he had asked me to step in at the beginning when he was invited to speak and handle his contract. I would have made sure he was treated far better than he was. He lost $5000 in income because he didn't want to give me a 15% commission. (Yes, my commission is half what bureaus charge speakers.) To restate that: He lost $5,000 because he want to avoid giving up $750.

There's nothing I can do after the fact, so if I'm not invited to participate at the beginning I can't fix anything when you fail. All I can do is make sure your contract is solid and works in your best interests.

Incidentally, the speaker above never returned to have me critique his contract, attend my online class on speaking contracts, nor to have me step in as his agent.

So, why don't you have a speaker's agent looking after your best interests? Feel free to tell me: