One senior's solution for surviving on $345 a month: become house-less and help others resolve their crises.

News Release: December 6, 2016

"When facing a crisis in which we feel anxious, angry, or powerless, many otherwise-brilliant people can see only two options: stay or go; attack or be silent. But when we have a wide array of do-able options to choose from, we feel more confident, powerful and optimistic, and ultimately... victorious." Andrea Reynolds

[Erie PA] Andrea Reynolds, a lateral thinker and justice seeker, believes there may be at least ten options for every challenge. She sees adversity as an opportunity to be creative, and sometimes an opportunity for an adventure. Like this one...

Reynolds herself has spent the last 8 years living as an outsider in her original hometown, on $3,600 a year. Her savings are locked in two unsold homes and her tiny pension covers less than half her utilities and taxes. So, as she continues to market her houses, she promotes her
consumer advocate services and sells everything she can't take with her on the road. Her plan, once she exchanges houses for cash, is to live the rest of her life on the road in an old 20-foot cargo van.

By fall 2017, she and her two cats will travel to wherever she is invited. When an organization asks her to speak on crisis resolution, she will stay in that city and work privately with new clients until another speaking request takes her to the next destination.

Reynolds, the author of two-dozen how-to titles including
Jump Start Your Creative Genius and OutSmarting Sweetheart Swindlers, offers crisis advice and hands-on justice services for individuals and businesses. Her guiding principle: No adversarial lawsuits, no insults, no threats, no harm to self or others.

Corporate brainstorming,
email and phone advice,
private advice over lunch,
advice by direct tweet,
house calls,
office visits,
budget overhauls,
group brainstorming, and
seminars and lectures.

Victim impact statements,
money recovery,
personal advocacy,
protest or mercy letters,
"missing" person locating,
what-went-wrong interviews,
go-between service,
information research,
conflict resolution,
business troubleshooting.

Reynolds has had plenty of experience with crises herself: isolation, bullying, exclusion, domestic abuse, homelessness, home invasion, death threats, school shooting, denial of constitutional rights, loss of family, financial loss, theft, betrayal, etc., all of which has given her great resilience and empathy for the challenges of others.

A former talk radio host on difficult relationships, Andrea is available to take questions from callers on talk radio programs for several hours' duration.

More information is available at or contact Andrea Reynolds:

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