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Let's Do Something Besides Dinner and a Movie Creative Date and Activity Ideas for Singles, Couples and Groups of Friends. Loaded with hundreds and hundreds of romantic and playful activity ideas for the creativity-challenged.

Cheap Thrills: 65 Low-Cost and No Cost Romantic Things to Do for St. Valentine's Day or any day. Need some faster advice on what to do on Valentine's Day? Here are 65 ideas that work, excerpted from Let's Do Something.

104 Surefire Places Where Singles Can Meet Other Single Adults, an excerpt from Andrea's book, Let's Do Something... Besides Dinner and a Movie. Are you single? Want to know where to find someone with similar interests? Try these pre-tested locations.

No Surprises: 365 Critical Questions You Need to Ask Each Other Before You Marry... and How to Ask Them. (E-booklets and Glossy oversize Print booklets.) Planning to pop the question, or say yes when asked? These 365 questions will help you discover each other during the engagement... or before you renew your vows. (They come in pairs.)

No Surprises: 20 Questions You Need to Ask Each Other About Love and Romance, article reprint, originally published in Toronto's Wedding Bells magazine. Paper format only. I write about love and romance and the 20 Critical Questions you must ask each other.

The Silent Language of Love: 3 Articles on Romantic Body Language, originally published in Harlequin Books newsletter. Paper format, only. Learn the nonverbal signs that someone is interested in you ... or not.

Romantic & Playful Toronto: 750 Things to Do in Toronto. Planning a romantic weekend getaway in Toronto? I wrote this for guests at my B & B.

The Bed and Breakfast Guest Etiquette Quiz. Will you be staying at a Bed & Breakfast? Here's how to get exceptional service from your host or hostess...

No More Empty Relationships A Personal Handbook for Single Adults Who Want to Break the Pattern of Going-Nowhere Relationships and Find Partners Who Meet Their Emotional Needs

OutSmarting Sweetheart Swindlers: Protect Your Heart and Financial Assets from a Romantic Con Artist. Are you dating someone who is out to con you? Read this booklet NOW.

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