Andrea Reynolds recovers money, property and reputation

I can recover money and property that is rightfully yours without messy and expensive lawsuits, by showing how doing the right thing benefits both parties. Also see my website:

To retain me to recover property or money see How I work.

For corporations my rate is $600 per half-day (3 hours) and $1200 per day (6 hours).

I can give you a not-to exceed price for work I will do for you, BUT ONLY AFTER you have sent me, and I have studied, copies of all the documents involved: contracts, letters, checks, bank statements, photos, audio recordings, video recordings, emails, etc. If you have no paperwork or photos to substantiate your claim there is little I can do for you. I'm sorry... you must keep records. I work with facts and evidence. If you have done research on your own, please send it to me. There is no sense charging you to do duplicate work.

I am not a personal injury lawyer and I do not accept commissions on amounts I obtain for clients, nor do I work on a contingency basis. You pay me for the work I do. The recovered assets go directly to you. This avoids middlemen, tax issues and conflicts of interest. It also speeds the delivery to you.

Before we begin
I will ask you to sign an agreement that you will not do certain things that will prevent me from doing my best work for you or that will undermine the work I do. This step is critical to obtaining the results you desire.

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