Let your website position you as a sought-after speaker.

Copyright 2006-2017 by Andrea Reynolds

This week I worked with a speaker who has been speaking all over the world, but hasn't been able to generate fees beyond having her travel and accommodation expenses covered. I looked at her web site and realized she has not positioned herself as an expert; but rather has positioned herself as a successful corporation that positions lesser known experts and not herself!

She was working against her own best interests. Her prospective audiences were seeing her as someone who wanted to remain in the background, which was the last thing she wanted. She was inadvertently sabotaging her own success.

Before she met with her web designer she booked a one-hour tutorial with me. We analyzed 4 speaker web sites and I showed her the good points and drawbacks of each one. By the time we finished my client had a list of 16 pages – and models of what they should look like – that she needs to incorporate in her new web site. Now she will have an online
Speaker Kit that will work for her 24 hours a day.

Incidentally, speakers often post their media or press kits, which is not what meeting planners want to see. The
Speaker Kit I recommend to clients gives meeting planners all the information they need to hire a speaker.

Make a meeting planner's life easier and you'll be the speaker who gets the booking.