My Policy as The Undercover Client

1. I am an actual guest/client/patient and I pay for your service out of my own pocket, not with insurance. (This allows me to be objective and avoid conflicts of interest.)

2. For out-of-town assignments I charge $75 per hour driving time to and from the assignment. I do this because I cannot work when I'm driving - no phone calls while moving.

3. If the location assignment is a hotel, I do not charge for hotel expenses.

4. Included in the one-day fee is research and preparation, arrival, waiting and observation, the actual appointment, report writing, and delivery of recommendations for improvement, and also where I saw excellence. One day – 6 hours - is usually sufficient, unless agreed upon in advance.

5. The report usually follows within 2 days. Your final payment follows within 2 days of receipt of my report.

6. I don't reveal information or identity of clients without their written permission.

7. I can sign letters of non-disclosure when requested by past and current clients.

8. I do not sign letters of non-disclosure when I am not acting as undercover client and I have paid for the service rendered.

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