MY PHOTO GALLERY (and some secrets)
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Jack Canfield, cropped
Jack Canfield, co-creator of the highly successful Chicken Soup for the
Soul books, graciously posed with me, Philadelphia, September 2014.

Double promo
This was my promotional photo, from 1984-85. Two for the price of one.

Polaroid snapshot of me on set of my own TV
talk show, CJOH, Ottawa, Canada. Circa 1979.
A long day, starting at 6 AM and went into the night.

1979 speaking

Above is my first professional head shot. Circa 1978. At the time I had a temperature of 104 degrees (and also weighed about 104 lbs.); I was so sick but the photos turned out well. This shot was completely rigged. (I used to be a photographer's stylist.) The photographer sneaked us into the empty auditorium of one of her clients, a government ministry for the province of Ontario. And the microphone was actually the mic to my cassette tape recorder. I didn't own a real microphone, but I did own the slide projector.

Comdex 1
I blinked. Working Comdex Canada so I could meet famous technology speakers, face to face. Photo courtesy of Marek Goldyn, © Goldyn Photo, Toronto.

Phil Chan,Veranda 1

Above: a much younger Andrea with audience member Philip Chan who later sent me a lovely packaged set of The Richest Man in Babylon booklets, which I still have. If the arches and pillars above look familiar, rent a copy of the film Five Easy Pieces with Jack Nicholson and you'll see them. (You remember: the famous chicken sandwich scene in the restaurant where Jack Nicholson gets irritated with the waitress?) This veranda on the Cormie Estate, near Victoria B.C., was one of the locations for the film. I was a speaker at a function hosted by the Principal Group, May 1982.


Here is an inside view of the same home. That plaid box was a last minute invention. There was no podium and I needed something in front of me higher than the stand provided. So with 5 minutes to spare I wrapped my shawl around a cardboard box and, voila!, instant lectern.

Teal Sweater
Professional Photo, meant for brochures and book cover. Circa 1985

A few photos from modeling class. Circa 1978.

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