Phone counseling...$30 for 25 minutes, $55 for 50 minutes

You will come away feeling energized, supported, and with a specific step to take.

When someone approaches me with a money crisis, the first step is for me to listen closely until they wind down a little. Clients first need to dissipate some of that high energy so they can move to the problem-solving phase. Then I work with them to identify one
"How do I...?" question and focus on finding solutions to it. All solutions provided reflect my philosophy of kindness, empathy, compassion, respect, and courtesy.

For private advice, I charge a fee for problem identification and analysis, brainstorming, advice-giving, problem-solving, counseling, coaching, and availability on demand.  If you don't have a calling plan, I can call your number and save you the expense. Be sure to give me your phone number and best time.

Private Advice by Telephone
Prepayment is required. Guaranteed reply by email.

a. 25 minutes of private advice by phone: US $30.00 per person; prepaid. Use the convenient PayPal payment button below for safe, secure credit card transactions.

b. 50 minutes of private advice by phone: US $55.00 per person prepaid.