Start Your Own Personal Services Business (seminar notes), $19
Andrea Reynolds, owner of multiple personal service businesses

Personal Service: a chore, errand or task that people want or wish to delegate to someone who can do it better, faster, or less expensively; because of limited time, energy or know-how.

I taught this class at the Learning Annex after realizing I'd started dozens of personal services businesses in my life. In college, for extra money I cut hair and did garment mending and alterations for my dorm-mates. In addition to this service, I have owned a bed and breakfast, crisis advice service and a speaker promotion service which I started in a second bedroom. I currently own a personal concierge service and home staging service.

Some of the information I provide in my Personal Services Business seminar notes:
• List of ideas for personal services you could provide
• Forms of business
• Owner benefits: what do you want this business to do for you?
• Define your services
• Starting Up
• Tools of the trade: What will you need?
• Methods: What problems will you solve?
• Pricing: How will you price your services?
• Payment: How will you collect payment?
• Clients: Who will your clients be?
• Competition: Who's doing what you do?
• Promotion: How will people learn about your service?
• Performing your service: What happens?
• Keeping clients: How do you keep them coming back?
• Hiring staff: How do you find the people to be "you"?
• Spinoffs: What's next?
• Ethics and issues: What's important?

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