The boxes

In September 2008 I returned to Erie Pennsylvania. It was meant to be temporary, but for nine years I've put my life on hold. Five family deaths and two houses later, I'm still here. In September 2017 I will finally have the freedom to unpack my 225 boxes and decide what to do with the contents of each. I have an idea to photograph the contents, give a very brief history here and tell what I'm doing with it/them.

This is my house today. From a spacious Cape Cod, I moved everything to a small two bedroom bungalow when I sold the larger house (June 2017). My plan is to empty the house and two sheds, sell the bungalow and drive off into the sunset in a small RV about the size of an ambulance and write more books, wherever I go.

Did I mention I'm also renovating this
bungalow that I bought for $99? I can't finish the renovation until I empty the shelves of boxes.

LivingroomLivingroom from stairs

My Memoir: My Life in Boxes

I'll start working on my memoir in Sept. 2017.