Are You Overtweeting?

From the archives: Sunday, June 20, 2010

If you want your Tweets on Twitter to be read, limit them to a few useful ones a day. Send a hundred a day and you will only overwhelm your followers.

One person I followed sent more than 700 tweets in one 24 hour day. I actually counted so I couldn't be accused of exaggerating. She was retweeting every single tweet she received and all the retweets. Who has that much time? I unfollowed her.

I like to follow people who tweet a few times a day and who give me great ideas or make me chuckle. I actually LOOK for those Twitterer's tweets.

Some people send only self-serving updates. Daily boasting doesn't impress me. My life is not enhanced by knowing your speaking schedule. Are you thinking that I will fly to each of your destinations to see you?

Me? I don't tweet every day. When I do I probably don't tweet more than 5 times in a day, maybe 2 tweets or 2 retweets. I want you to look forward to my tweets, not skip over them... or worse, unfollow me.

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