No More Empty Relationships
a Personal Workbook and Home Study Program by Andrea Reynolds
E-Book, $39.00

A Personal E-Handbook for Single Adults Who Want to Break the Pattern of Going-Nowhere Relationships and Find Partners Who Meet Their Emotional Needs. Specific questions help you evaluate your availability as a partner, identify your specific relationship needs, and evaluate the potential of each new relationship you begin. You'll be able to dismiss empty relationships as you attract healthy, fulfilling ones.
About the Author

Andrea Reynolds is an author, broadcaster, public speaker and consultant.

For years, Andrea was locked in a pattern of choosing emotionally unavailable partners. After many years of intensive personal healing through counseling, group therapy, support groups, biblio-therapy, and research as a journalist, she now chooses to be with people who treat her well and who meet her emotional needs. Now psychologists, psychiatrists, and psychotherapists recommend her seminars and handbooks to their patients and clients. She lectures through hospital education programs, conferences, adult education programs, universities and high schools; often speaking to groups of men and women who have come out of empty, addictive, or abusive relationships, and who have lacked healthy self-esteem.

Andrea has studied at seven universities(including Kent State University and Oxford University) in three countries (USA, Canada and England) taking courses in Marriage and Family Relations, family studies, education, and communications. She began teaching classes on relationships in junior and senior high schools in Canada in 1975, and eventually taught advanced programs for adults.

She has appeared as a returning guest expert on
Dini Petty, Shirley, four shows on The Life Network, and many radio talk shows in the US and Canada (CFRB, CBC, Q107, CHUM-FM, CHFI, CFNY). She has hosted her own weekend radio call-in show (WFLP 1530 AM) on relationships, introducing topics on rejection, affairs, date rape, safe sex, and physical/emotional abuse in relationships. She has also trained as a crisis hotline volunteer and has successfully handled suicide interventions.

As a practical philosopher and romantic realist, her philosophy about relationships and romance is entrepreneurial:

"If you truly want to find happiness with a loving partner it is wise to invest as much energy and creativity in each important relationship... including the one you have with yourself... as you do in your business or career."


Part 1 Getting yourself ready

• Ice-breaker: Introducing yourself to others
• Recognizing your expectations about relationships
• Increasing your confidence levels and self-esteem within relationships
• Acknowledging your Personal Bill of Rights
• Identifying your relationship goals
• Changing attitudes to those that work better for you
• Listing the factors that attract kind, loving people to each other
• Determining your readiness for a relationship
• Determining your availability for a relationship
• Recognizing fears about relationships and commitment
• Recognizing ways you may be sabotaging opportunities for love
• Seeing through your masks and defense mechanisms
• Confronting and working through your fears
• Acknowledging who may have influenced your choice of partners
• Recognizing how you may have chosen partners in the past
• Recognizing role patterns in relationships

Part 2 Choosing potential partners

• Recognizing what kind of person you are looking for
• Paying attention to compatibility factors, traits, and preferences
• Establishing realistic criteria for choosing partners
• Deciding what you need to feel loved & happy in a relationship
• Identifying your psychological needs in a relationship
• Identifying a good or promising relationship
• Interviewing potential partners for availability and compatibility
• Identifying clues that someone is not ready for a relationship
• Learning more about potential partners
• Recognizing undesirable partners and relationships
• Recognizing signs of a potential abuser and investigating further
• Ending empty, abusive, or "going-nowhere" relationships
• Handling rejection, letting go, healing, and moving on

Part 3 Finding potential partners

• Meeting potential loving partners and friends (an 8-week action plan)
• Getting out: 100 Places to meet potential partners and friends
• Showing your approachability and availability
• Making the first contact with others
• Opening lines that may (or may not) work for you
• Meeting people in classes, lectures, and seminars
• Writing + answering companion ads that bring a good response
• Identifying the dating agenda
• Finding potential partners: a summary of strategies
• If all else fails: unorthodox ways of meeting potential partners

Part 4 Developing a loving relationship

• Making a positive impact on the first date
• Extending a promising relationship beyond the first date
• Maintaining a healthy perspective during the dating process
• Putting your life in balance
• Developing friendship, trust and respect before giving your heart
• Creating a history of shared experiences together
• Deciding if this is a good relationship
• Igniting and maintaining passion between friends
• Understanding the requirements for, and levels of, commitment
• Recognizing the signs of commitment readiness

Part 5 Resources

• Appendix A: Move-to-Action Sheet
• Appendix B: Leisure Activities Checklist
• Appendix C: Character Descriptions and Feelings
• Appendix D: Personal Assets List
• Appendix E: Do-It-Yourself Matchmaker Questions
• Appendix F: Your homework assignments
• Appendix G: Reading list
• About the Author, Advice Hotline, Lectures & Seminars
• Reader Response

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