Speaking Fee/Contract Negotiation

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Andrea has been able to increase speakers' stated fees by as much as 50-80%, and on rare occasions as much as double and triple the speaker's fees. You gain significantly in profit.

Have Andrea Reynolds increase your speaking fees, amenities and contract terms by negotiating your speaking agreements for you for a percentage (agreed upon in advance) of your speaking fee. She will turn free speeches into paying ones, and low paying engagements into better paying ones, raising your fees in increments. She will free up your time and ensure that you are treated well without you having to ask.

If at any time you want Andrea to handle the details of your speaking engagement and gently, but firmly, negotiate a better fee and contract terms for you (as your advocate) please contact Andrea.

Depending on a number of factors such as your experience, your current fee level, your "celebrity" status, the demand for your expertise in the marketplace, the commission for services may be on a sliding scale.
You also have the option of paying a straight fee of $600.00 per event, rather than a commission, which is payable upfront. It's $600.00 whether the fee you obtain is $100,000 or $10. With a fee there is no commission to pay me from your speaking fee.

Benefits are:
1. Contracts that are sound.
2. Contracts that look after your intellectual property rights.
3. Andrea's cleverness in finding creative ways to cover your fees.
4. Andrea's diplomacy and desire for all parties to come away satisfied.
5. Extra amenities in addition to product sales opportunities and travel expenses.