If you think you need an agent, you probably don't!

Copyright Andrea Reynolds 2008-2017

Every day an expert, author or speaker contacts me claiming they need an agent to get them paid speaking engagements. I try to explain that's not what they need, but few listen. I have written and posted articles with point-by-point explanations of why what they are asking for is ineffective and just not very smart.

What they (you?) really need is a
reputation and high profile that speaks for them. They need to have established a celebrity-level "fan base" so that they become a "household word" and assignments come to them effortlessly, without having to knock on doors or have someone else knock on doors for them.

For many years I provided monthly promotion and marketing support to clients who were specialists, consultants, speakers and how-to authors. The problem was these specialists weren't delivering the goods as well as they could be, and thus weren't achieving the success they expected. David Ogilvy, the founding partner of Ogilvy Mather Advertising Agency, used to say: "The quickest way to kill a mediocre product is to promote it."

It made little sense to promote others who weren't following my model for consultants. Teaching others how to achieve the national success I had achieved, initially as a wardrobe consultant, and later as a relationship consultant, was how I began my consulting-to-consultants practice in the late 70s.

So... I have decided to go back to Square One.... teaching consultants to be superior consultants. Once you become a consultant known for your excellence, you will not need to hire anyone to procure paid assignments and engagements for you. They will come to you without effort. I will first teach and mentor you to be a fabulous and wise consultant, then I will teach you how I promoted myself and got paid to do it.

Why pay others to promote you when you can
get paid to do it yourself?

One day you may need an agent... not to
generate assignments and contracts for you, but to decline the hundreds of "opportunities" that require too much of your time and energy with little or no profit, payback, or psychic reward. You see, this is the real role of an agent: to act in your best interests by doing the reverse of your original expectation; that is, choosing which to accept of the overwhelming number of engagements, that come to you unsolicited, and which to reject.

Doesn't this sound more like what you really deserve?

Then it's time to commit to your development as a consultant, so you can enjoy results that far outweigh your original investment. Look at the
campaigns I offer consultants and speakers. Then contact me to discuss when you can start.

Andrea Reynolds