My Success

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I will teach you how:

1. I was able to jump from $8,000 a year to $12,000 a month and higher. (I'm reticent to say just how much I earned because it's dangerous for a single older woman to divulge this publicly. There's a reason I publish a booklet titled, OutSmarting Sweetheart Swindlers.)

2. I was able to charge and receive $600 for my one-hour, private
telephone consultations.

3. I was able to receive up to $200 to $400 an hour for
commercial voice-over work.

4. I was able to write and self-publish a book and
have other people cover the production costs (crowd-funding and angel investors).

5. was able to land lucrative
corporate consulting contracts with companies like Coca-Cola and Campbell Soup Co.

6. I obtained
government consulting contracts (Ontario Ministry of Labour, for example).

7. I obtained several
paid talk radio shows of my own.

8. I was paid to
co-host talk radio at the largest talk radio station in Canada (starting at the top, not the bottom).

9. I was paid to appear as a
guest expert on national television.

10. I was paid to
host my own television show.

11. I was paid no less than $1,000 each to
write for national magazines.

12. I got
paid to promote my expertise (not pay someone to promote it).

13. I
started my own speaker agency when I couldn't find an agent to represent me.

14. I filled my
public workshops and seminars - at $695 per person - without any advertising.

15. I
got myself quoted in Time Magazine and other prestigious publications.

16. I was able to get executives to pay for a subscription to my
monthly newsletter.

17. I develop everything I write into at least
three formats that pay me.

18. I decided three important reasons why I
refuse to work for free.

19. I determined it rarely makes sense to hire someone else to promote/market only your book!

20. I identified the 12 principles for boosting your expertise to
celebrity status.

21. I
stopped leaving money on the table in many types of transactions.

22. I was able to obtain
corporate retainers even if I was not required to do any work.