Millionaire Thinking

Copyright Andrea Reynolds

My methods are not for anyone looking for instant wealth or a lazy way to generate an income. Effort is required. My philosophy runs contrary to Internet Marketing Methods which work for products, but not for professional advice. You will expend effort, but if this your life's passion you should find it to be fun, not work.

Be courageous enough to reverse your current thinking:

It won't happen by selling books alone.
It won't happen by working for someone else.
It won't happen if you're not willing to invest financially in your career.
It won't happen if you're not willing to take personal risks.
It won't happen if you hand over responsibility for your success to someone else.
It won't happen if your expertise doesn't help others move forward in their lives.
It won't happen if you work for free or turn down money.
It won't happen if you market a low price product rather than your advice and expertise.
It won't happen if you do what everyone else does.
It won't happen if you think small.
It won't happen if you put obstacles in your path.
It won't happen if you don't have a strategic, empire building plan.
It won't happen if you push away opportunities that lead to your success.
It won't happen if you aren't passionate about your expertise.

Here's my side of a conversation I had recently with an author, with a little editing to eliminate identifying references. Please eavesdrop.

Millionaire Thinking: There are very few authors who are really my target market, mainly because most only want to promote books, not earn an income by selling their advice and expertise. They mostly prefer to work for free to "push" books. My clients think the opposite: they would prefer to sell advice and make piles of money and let the books sell themselves, sometimes giving books away for free. This is millionaire thinking. It's a very UNpopular concept among publishers.

Contracts, not quotes: Quotes in the press are nice, but they don't pay the mortgage. The kind of campaigns I have offered are not to generate quotes, but to generate paying assignments and contracts... in other words: INCOME. When I talk about media exposure, it's to result in eventual contractual work, not freebies.

Campaigns: I have been conducting empire-building campaigns for myself and my clients for 40 years. It's time to upgrade my clientele and I will do that by substantially increasing my fees in July. Now I will conduct only one campaign per month per client. Don't say you can't afford to hire me; you can raise the funds. If I can raise the funds, you can do it. You have many options (25 ways) including private investors; and you can keep your investment with me affordable. Tell me what you need and tell me your budget limit.