Looking for private investors?

Do you need to raise $25,000 (or possibly even $100,000 or $1,000,000) to publish a book, newsletter or related project?


I raised $30,000 for my book publishing project (Read my story), even though the documents I used were originally created to raise $500,000. 

I've assembled a package of all the documents I used so that you can use them as
templates for your own capital raising documents  -- just change the details to fit your own situation. All three documents received careful scrutiny by a team of Bay Street (Toronto) lawyers and entertainment accountants experienced with raising capital for major films.  You'll receive electronic files for easy revision to suit your needs.

The Angel Attraction Kit: Investor Documents Package contains....

1. Investor Background Information   ($100.00 separately) Click to purchase. This document is designed to explain your book's business plan in simple and friendly terms to even a novice investor. It contains: Book Description, Table of Contents, Why This Book Will be a Bestseller, Market Research, The Publisher, The Author, The Promotional Plan, The Sales Plan, The Schedule, Your Investment, Benefits of Investment, Projected Income, Summary, Investor's Pledge Form.  (23 pages)

2. Offering Memorandum     ($150.00 separately) This is the official (and necessary) document that goes with the Investor Background Information, and contains: About the Offering, About the Project, Nature of the Investment, Risk Factors, Income Tax Considerations, and General Information, Subscription Form, Investor Transfer of Shares.  (18 pages)

3. Limited Partnership Agreement      ($200.00 separately)This is the legal agreement that investors sign: The Partnership, The Units, Contributions, Allocations and Distributions, The General Partner, Meetings, Accounting and Reporting, Termination of Agreement, Miscellaneous, Limited Partnership Agreement.  (26 pages)
Documents may be purchased separately at the regular price (as stated) to use as templates for your own documents, or as a package, and with the package price you will receive these bonuses:

a. Electronic file of each of the 3 documents to save scanning or re-typing content. Word .doc format.

b. Press release for The Halo Factor which indirectly attracted the investors. (This release is also available in my REPORT of press release writing tips and samples sold separately.)

c. Up to 30 minutes of private advice from Andrea Reynolds by email (value: $225.00)

d. Report of 25 Unconventional Ways to Raise $25,000, $250,000 or $2.5 million for a book, video, etc. This report may be purchased separately for $9.95.

Package of all 3 documents (you receive both printed and electronic), US $499.00 (All prices are in US dollars and include shipping within North America. Add $6 shipping for international orders. Include your email address so I can confirm receipt of your order.

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