I write letters on your behalf…
Complaint, dispute or protest letter writing service (and also mercy letters)

Use the power of the pen.
"Evil thrives when good people do nothing."

I write letters that get results whether you have been exploited or swindled… or whether you want to apologize for doing the exploiting or swindling.

When you're too angry or intimidated to write a letter that is strong and compelling, but tempered, to get results, give it to Andrea Reynolds. Let me help you get the satisfaction and results you want from the person or company who treated you with disrespect or discourtesy. These are often difficult and time-consuming letters to write. Some examples are listed below.

You may prefer to organize a crisis clinic with more than 6 people or invite me to conduct a seminar for your professional group: How to Write Tough Letters Brilliantly to Get the Results You Desire


1. Simple one page letter working from your first draft: US $350.00 - $500.00

2. Project: US $350.00 - $5,000.00 (Please ask for an estimate.) This work often involves a dozen or more emails between us, hours of creative thinking and research, writing, editing, a number of long distance calls, and distribution to multiple parties. Sometimes it makes more sense to write a news release than just a letter and I can also provide contact with appropriate local and national media and press. Comes with a satisfaction guarantee.

(Not to be confused with general business writing. No résumés or promotional writing services for experts.)

Often, when someone has treated us badly, we have difficulty putting into words what we really mean to say while remaining civil and level-headed. Andrea puts your ideas and words into a format that clearly and confidently communicates your message to your intended readers.

When I write on your behalf, I use civility, I make my point clearly, I get to the point quickly, and I critical thinking skills. Also, I won't write a letter that is abusive, threatening, or libelous.


Andrea Reynolds has been a member of the National Writers Union and the Periodical Writers Association of Canada (PWAC), and has earned degrees in Marketing + Communication and Family Studies Education from Kent State University. She has also studied at Edinboro University, Hiram College, Oxford University (UK), Ryerson University and the University of Toronto.


Radio + TV Stations: CityTv, CBC TV, Life Network, CFRB Radio

Video Producers: Video Graphics, Armstrong Video

Publishers: Harlequin Books, The Toronto Star, Baxter Publishing, Wedding Bells Magazine, Maclean-Hunter Publishing

Other authors' books: Haunted Toronto by John Robert Colombo; The Older Cat by Dan Poynter, Jump Start Your Book Sales by Marilyn and Tom Ross.


1. Email me to discuss your needs: crisiswriter@gmail.com

2. Tell me the whole story in writing... in complete confidence. Tell me: Why are you angry? What did they do, or didn't do? What have you done to try to get results? What correspondence do you have that will document your claim? What outcome do you want?

Please send it to me by email: crisiswriter@gmail.com Send attachments as Word documents. Send digital photos or scan documents and send them as JPEGs. Please indicate you have them, but do not send unless/until I ask for them.

3. After I understand the scope and complexity of the project, I'll contact you. Depending on what information I think I'll need to complete the assignment I may want to conduct an interview with you by phone. If so, I'll ask your permission to record our conversation for the sake of accuracy. If you want a copy of the tape there will be an additional expense of $20.00.

Please note: I may recommend, instead of a letter, that my brainstorming 10 solutions may be more appropriate in some situations. In others, a news release and distribution to press and media may result in the best outcome for you. I can give you an estimate of this additional service.

4. If I agree to take on your assignment, please use this convenient, secure PayPal payment button to send me a $300 deposit and I'll be able to start work on the assignment and deliver your document to you by the agreed upon deadline.

Checks and money orders are also accepted: Andrea Reynolds, 3518 Post Avenue, Erie PA 16508.

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