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Kindness is Profitable


Kindness is Profitable:
12 to 24 ways being kind will affect your firm's bottom line.

Professional Practice Homicide: How you treat your patients, clients, guests and members could be killing your reputation and profits.
I'll give you rescue measures for professional practices, agencies, and associations. (Soon to be a book.)

Empathy as a Marketing Tool in the Professional Practice
(dental, medical, chiropractic, veterinary, legal, etc.). A simple concept that works.

The Undercover Client: Learn what I see and experience when I become your patient, your guest, your client. You may be astonished… and disturbed.

Etiquette, Ethics and Empathy: Smart, Simple Ways to Smooth the Journey to Success in Your Life

The Kindness Chronicles: Hear the astonishing results of my 20-year, fully disclosed, human experiment.

Have We Forgotten The Golden Rule? What is it and how can we make it work?

Foot-Shooters Among Us: Are You Working Against Your Own Best Interests?

Crisis Gifts: 50-100 of the Best Things You Can Give to Someone You Know Who is Facing Financial Crisis or Impending Homelessness

Poverty Isn't a Contagious Disease: It's easy to give to charities benefiting nameless, faceless strangers, but what do you do when a neighbor, friend or co-worker faces a financial crisis?

You're Smart...Why Aren't You Earning Enough/More?
How to Move from Chronic Financial Crisis to Financial Comfort

Stand Up! Be More Assertive by Addressing Others' Critical, Manipulative, and Controlling Behavior

OutSmarting Sweetheart Swindlers: Now that you're successful, you must Protect Your Heart and Assets from a Romantic Con Artist

Writing Tough Letters Brilliantly to Get What You Deserve

It's Your Money... How to Get it Back without Threats or Bullying

Make an Effort: It's in Your Best Interest!

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