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Andrea's Presentations for Lunch and Dinner Meetings, Colleges, Conferences, Conventions and Corporations

Your Wisdom is Worth a Million: How to build a lucrative advice empire as the leading authority

Million Dollar Advice Empires: Celebrity Experts Who Have Built Theirs and What It Will Take for You to Do It, too.

Think like a Celebrity Expert to Multiply Your Fees and Revenues

Sell Your Wisdom: 30 Ways to Package and Sell Your Advice and Knowledge Everything you develop should be working for you in 3 or more ways. Writing a book, speaking and consulting are the 3 most popular ways to sell your wisdom and advice, but there are many more. Andrea Reynolds will show you examples of 30 more ways your already-developed work can earn more income for you. (Reports are available for sale to audiences)

Professional Integrity: How do you rate?

Professional Practice Homicide: How you treat your patients, clients, guests and members could be killing your reputation and profits. Rescue measures for professional practices, agencies, and associations. (Future book.)

Empathy as a Marketing Tool in the Professional Practice (dental, medical, chiropractic, veterinary, legal, etc.). A simple concept that works.

The Undercover Client: Learn what I see and experience when I become your patient, your guest, your client. You may be astonished… and disturbed.

Transform Your Specialized Knowledge into A Six-, Seven- or Eight-Figure Advice Empire. It's possible, if you're willing to think and act as a smarter entrepreneur.

Make An Effort: It's in Your Best Interests. The astonishing results of my 16-year, fully-disclosed experiment.

Foot-Shooters Among Us: Are You Working Against Your Own Best Interests?