Investigation...$500 retainer

Have you hired investigators and lawyers and still reached a dead end? Let me use my investigative journalism skills to not only get answers, but get results for you. This can be an expensive proposition, so the more documentation and evidence and reportage you offer the more I can focus on getting results for you. A $1,000 retainer may be required. Or perhaps only a few hours of my time. If necessary, I'll come to your community to get the facts and conduct the investigation thoroughly.


A home seller learned that her agent was refusing to accept offers on the home the couple needed to sell so they could move, and as a result they lost a hefty deposit on another home, but didn't have the evidence to pursue a lawsuit. Rather than hire me to write an affidavit for $250 - because I had access to the proof they needed - they instead retained a lawyer for a much greater sum of money than I was charging, who turned around and asked me to write the affidavit for free. Had they hired me in the first place, they would have spent less money and had a case they could have easily won. Their choice was to spend more money, unwisely, and never recover their money.

A man couldn't get a job or rent an apartment because another man with the same name and birthday had a list of felonies on his record and they had been attributed to the innocent man, but he couldn't get his record exonerated. I was able to get certain government officials - OK, a governor - to intervene and the problem was resolved.

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