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Personal Challenges

1. How do I raise the $50,000 for my mom's surgery before we lose her?

2. How do I tell unsuspecting parents that the babysitter they leave their child with, who lives next door to me, is often physically violent?

3. How do I get the parents of the boy next door to understand they have a potential school shooter living under their roof? What can I do before he commits violence?

4. After exhausting all ideas, how do I find financing for a used mobile home to keep a roof over my family's head when I have no savings and bad credit?

5. How do I find relief from these chronic migraines?

6. How do I leave my married lover, when I really want her to leave her husband and marry me?

7. I've been accused of insider trading and about to lose my home, family and business. What could I do to prove my innocence?

8. How do I cope with my husband's ongoing affair?

9. What can I do to get my husband a job when he's been unemployed for 12 years?

10. How do I stop my family from passing along as gossip what I share with them in confidence?

11. How do I get these feelings of suicide out of my head before I do something drastic?

12. I've received death threats from a man who has seen me on television. I'm a broadcaster. The police won't do anything... what can I do?

13. How do I help my lonely sister stop giving away all her money to predatory men?

14. What can I do if I suspect my neighbors have serially abused 4 pets in their home?

15. How do I get my boss to understand that one of my co-workers is a bully and causing me great stress in the workplace?

16. How do I earn enough money to live without resorting to robbing a bank?

17. Most of my neighbors and co-workers say I'm a jerk and don't want anything to do with me, how do I start to show them I can be a mature and responsible adult?

18. I discovered someone has plagiarized my book and is giving it away for free on the Internet under her company name; what can I do to stop her and get compensation?

19. I'm more than 200 pounds overweight; how do I find a way to lose this weight before I have a heart attack?

20. I think my Dad may be planning to kill himself; what do I do before he tries something?

21. I can't control my temper; how do I stop blowing up before I actually hurt someone?

22. How do I keep my child from being abducted and harmed?

23. My new home was visibly damaged in a controlled burning of a derelict building that got out of control. How do I get someone to pay for the needed repairs?

24. How do I help a woman who denies her husband beats her?

Social challenges

1. How can my family gain acceptance in a small town where we've moved to in which we seem to be ostracized and resented?

2. How do we eliminate the drug problem in our high school?

3. How do we get our loud, obnoxious neighbors to be quiet?

4. How do we get our small, quiet cul-de-sac back after one neighbor put up a basketball hoop and the noise from non-resident kids has become unbearable?

5. What can I do when my landlord openly allows some tenants to break all the rules while the rest of us are threatened with eviction for doing the same things?

6. How do I make sense of the rape and murder of an 11 year old girl in my community?

7. A woman was murdered by her husband in my community and none of the neighbors called 9-1-1 when she was screaming for help; how can I get this community to be more mutually supportive of each other?

Tell Andrea Reynolds your challenge. She can either provide private brainstorming for you for a fee or she may be able to answer your challenge in her seminars.

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