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A special report by Andrea Reynolds,
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Andrea Reynolds, author and entrepreneur, believes each of us has the potential to be more creative and critical thinkers if we will allow ourselves to see life in a different way, associate with people who support our creativity, and cultivate a nurturing environment.

In her 3-hour workshops she challenges her students with "brain aerobics" such as zigzag thinking, hurricane thinking, six-hat thinking, and ghost thinking. In this booklet, she shows us how the use of each can result in success: solving problems, discovering new options, and creating new businesses or products.

In this 22-page e-booklet, distilled from her lectures, Andrea identifies the factors which inhibit our creativity and the fertile environments that can stimulate creative thinking.

1. What is creativity?
2. Brainstorm exercise: 20 Uses for a brick.
3. Why be more creative?
4. 5 Things you need to be creative.
5. 12 Real life examples of creativity.
6. 24 Factors which inhibit creativity.
7. You are a creative person if....
8. Questions to think about.
9. What jumpstarts your creativity?
10. Stages of the process.
11. 45 Ways to stimulate your creativity.
12. Brain aerobics: 9 ways of thinking.
13. Andrea's story.
14. Sample problems to solve,
15. Suggested reading.
16. Special offer for readers.

About the Author

Andrea Reynolds has been called a pioneer and a maverick. She has created dozens of unusual service businesses for clients and has owned a dozen small businesses including The Butler Did It!, Crash Courses, The Halo Factor, Rent A Writer and Rent A Voice.

As a marketing consultant she has solved problems for Fortune 500 companies and for hundreds (perhaps thousands) of individuals. She has been retained by some of the most creative minds in the world, including Dr. Eric McLuhan, the successor of media guru Marshall McLuhan and his partner Roger Davies, and The Edward de Bono School of Thinking in New York.

Andrea is also the author of over two-dozen how-to books, booklets, reports, manuals, and newsletters. She received favorable media and press coverage for her two books,
No More Empty Relationships and Let’s Do Something… Besides Dinner and a Movie (which lists 1000 romantic and playful things to do), and also No Surprises!: 365 Critical Questions You Need to Ask Each Other Before You Marry.

Currently brainstorming multiple solutions for authors, experts and professionals, her next project is a speaking tour of North America.

ORDER the print edition booklet: $19.95
ORDER the electronic edition booklet: $9.95

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Additional services

Andrea Reynolds is also available for private brainstorming sessions, for personal or professional challenges and as a speaker for large and small groups. Prepayment is required and a description of the "challenge" in advance by email is required.

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