Jump Start Your Creative Genius and generate more ideas, answers, and solutions to crises, and critical challenges

A special e-report by Andrea Reynolds,

Andrea Reynolds, author and entrepreneur, believes each of us has the potential to be more creative and critical thinkers if we will allow ourselves to see life in a different way, associate with people who support our creativity, and cultivate a nurturing environment.

In her 3-hour workshops she challenges her students with "brain aerobics" such as zigzag thinking, hurricane thinking, six-hat thinking, and ghost thinking. In this booklet, she shows us how the use of each can result in success: solving problems, discovering new options, and creating new businesses or products. (Andrea was once hired to promote a program at the prestigious Edward de Bono School of Thinking in New York. Dr. de Bono is considered to be the father of lateral thinking also known as brainstorming.)

In this e-booklet, distilled from her lectures, Andrea identifies the factors which inhibit our creativity and the fertile environments that can stimulate creative thinking.


1. What is creativity?
2. Brainstorm exercise: 20 Uses for a brick
3. Why be more creative?
4. 5 things you need to be creative
5. 12 Real life examples of creativity
6. 24 factors which inhibit creativity
7. You are a creative person if...
8. Questions to think about
9. What jumpstarts your creativity?
10. Stages of the process
11. 45 Ways to stimulate your creativity
12. Brain aerobics: 9 ways of thinking
13. Andrea's story
14. Sample problems to solve
15. Suggested reading
16. Special offer for readers

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Additional services
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