My Works-in-Progress

Missed Blessings (was The Kindness Test): (working title) The astonishing results of the author's 16-year, fully disclosed, human experiment. Not yet available. See description.

True accounts of Andrea Reynolds' odyssey to discover how people - landlords, dentists, neighbors, housemates, hotel staff, strangers, bank, realtor, accountant, plumber, carpenter, electrician, etc. - would treat an older woman struggling to overcome adversity while she writes a book about her experiences with those very people. Read a chapter excerpted from the book.

From the author:
"I wanted to see how I'd be treated after risking my life after a home invasion, death threats, bullying during my eight years in hiding, and homelessness. I made a conscious decision to be as kind and generous to people as I could, considering my limited resources; but nevertheless I was demonized and ostracized by almost everyone I encountered. I even had my constitutional rights denied. After 15 years of testing people - landlords, neighbors, dentists, etc., - with my creative generosity - revealing my agenda to them in advance - I've found that
too few people choose to act with kindness and too many work against their own best interests. Is it contempt, suspicion, skepticism, fear, anger... or lack of awareness, a sense of not being deserving, or something else? I want this book to open minds and hearts."


ADVICE EMPIRE: Your step-by-step strategic blueprint for transforming your specialized knowledge, experience and wisdom into a one-person, million-dollar consulting practice (working title) Book cover still to be designed. Not yet available.


An adjustable, step-by-step plan for building your own one-person million dollar advice empire and becoming the next Dr. Phil, Mike Holmes, Suze Orman, Dave Ramsey, etc. …based on the author's consulting work with clients for almost 35 years. This new publication will teach experts and consultants how to build one-person advice empires. Benefits of this "program" will be:
1. The knowledge to earn income from activities you have been providing for free until now;
2. Smart ways to stop leaving money on the table;
3. Ways to get paid to promote your expertise;
4. How to think and act as the well-known, multi-millionaire experts do.

How to Win No-Fee Essay Contests and Receive Great Prizes (not yet available)


Get Paid. Recover money you thought was lost forever. Not yet available

Crisis Gifts: An intelligent checklist for helping friends, family, neighbors, and coworkers facing financial hardship and homelessness. (Booklet). Not yet available.

Staying Safe from Stalkers: Smart Things to Do When You're in Imminent Danger (Large size booklet). Not yet available.


You're Smart... Why Aren't You Earning What You Need?
Secrets for Earning More and Ending Your Chronic Low Income; Steps that Take You from Financial Crisis to Financial Comfort. Not yet available.

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