Editing and Proofreading Services

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Three of the books I've proofread and copy edited for the authors.

Terrific job... Andrea! Bud Suse

Having never used the services of a proofreader, I can tell you that I was amazed at the final result. My book was easier to read, flowed smoothly, and read like a New York Times bestseller after Andrea worked on the proofreading. I can tell you if you want your book to shine beyond your wildest imaginations, you need to drop what you are doing and hire Andrea now! I can not thank you enough!" Tim Davis, Author, Speaker, and Business Consultant
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I charge by the project, by the hour, by the page, by the word or by the error found and fixed.
Estimate are provided after seeing the document or manuscript, understanding the full scope of the project and determining the complexity of the work. A $100 deposit is required for new clients.

Services are listed in order of simplest to most complex:

  • Final proofreading before printing
  • Fact checking (figures, names, titles)
  • Copy editing (spelling, grammar, punctuation, clarity)
  • Content editing (organization, style)
  • Rewriting of how-to manuscripts

PROOFREADING: catching misspelling and typos before the final printing: $3 per page (250 words per page); $10 per 1000 words. (Others charge $4 per page.)

COPY EDITING: for spelling, grammar, punctuation, clarity: $6.00 per page (250 words per page); $20 per 1000 words. (Others charge $7 per page.)

REWRITING: substantial writing from draft document: $15 per page (250 words per page); $50 per 1000 words.

Rates increase for
Express Services: 24-48 hour turnaround or weekend assignments. (From $1 to $2.50 more per page.)

How to start:

1. Send your document to me for an estimate and indicate your not-to-exceed budget.

2. When ready to have me start, kindly prepay your $100 deposit.
Debit and credit card transactions are securely processed through www. PayPal.com in
US funds ($100). Use the convenient PayPal payment button below...