Andrea's Book Editing and Proofreading Services

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If you only want help polishing a document I can fix spelling, punctuation, grammar, and awkward sentence structure.

I thought having my work edited would be like a teacher with her stick telling me off for making mistakes! However I was pleasantly surprised when Andrea edited my "kick the therapy habit " short Ebook. Andrea kept the essence of me intact and got behind my message, making it easier for the reader to follow my train of thought. Her changes slowed down the pace and made it flow better. She is also skilled at placing emphasis on points I had skimmed over as well as relating the text back to the topic. For a scatterbrain like me who is bursting with ideas it really helped to have Andrea's professional eye scan and tie together the threads of my message. Amberli Hartwell,


I can charge by the project, by the hour, by the page, by the word or by the error found and fixed... whichever you prefer.

Estimates are provided after seeing the document or manuscript, understanding the full scope of the project and determining the complexity of the work.

A $500 deposit is required for new clients. You may use PayPal but I prefer to receive a check payable to Andrea Reynolds. My address is below.

Services are listed in order of simplest to most complex:

  • Final proofreading before printing
  • Fact checking (figures, names, titles) Usually included with proofreading.
  • Copy editing (spelling, grammar, punctuation, clarity)
  • Content editing (organization, style)
  • Rewriting of how-to manuscripts

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Spelling Bee
I've always been a good speller.


I make corrections directly on your Word document manuscript pages using "Track Changes" in Microsoft Word 2011 for Mac. When you receive the edited or proofread copy you can see easily the deletions, insertions, corrections and comments I made, and accept or reject whatever you choose.


My professional colleagues charge $50-$75 per hour, but I don't. I devote no less than 20 hours, often far more hours, to your manuscript; therefore my rates, by comparison, are usually much less. And the quality of my work is on par with other editors.

PROOFREADING ONLY Catching misspelling and typos before the final printing: $7.50 per page (250 words per page); $30 per 1000 words. Example: A 60,000 word book would be $30 x 60 = $1800.

FACT-CHECKING ONLY Checking accuracy of facts such as names, chronology, ages, statistics, etc.: $7.50 per page (250 words per page); $30 per 1000 words. Example: A 60,000 word book would be $30 x 60 = $1800.

COPY EDITING for spelling, grammar, punctuation, clarity: $10 per page (250 words per page); $40 per 1000 words. Example: A 60,000 word book would be $40 x 60 = $2400.

REWRITING AND CONTENT EDITING Substantial writing from draft document: $25 per page (250 words per page); $1000 per 1000 words. Example: A 60,000 word book would be $100 x 60 = $6000.

Rates increase for
Express Services: 24-48 hour turnaround or weekend assignments. (From $2.00 to $5.00 more per 250 word page.)


1. Send your document to me in confidence for an estimate and indicate to me your not-to-exceed budget and your expected delivery date.

2. When you are ready to have me start, kindly prepay your $1000 deposit to ensure your place in my schedule of assignments.


Checks and money orders maybe sent (payable to)
Andrea Reynolds, (ask for my address). Debit and credit card transactions are securely processed through www. in US funds ($1000). Use this email: I will provide you with a PayPal payment button if you prefer.