Performance/Demo Tape Critique, $300

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Let Andrea assess your demo tape for its merits and your performance enhancement (no, not that kind). Personalized tips for improving your on-stage presence and your demo package. Andrea goes through your tape/CD/DVD at least 3 times and also provides you with a 30 minute consult to advise you of her findings. $300 for each 30 minute tape/CD/DVD, podcast.

a. Professional Speaking demo "tapes" (CD and DVDs)

b. Commercial voiceover demo tapes (cassettes, CDs or )
c. Talk radio audition tapes (CDs)
d. Podcasts

Some items covered in the critique:

  • Presentation content
  • Body language (nonverbal)
  • Appearance (clothing, accessories, grooming)
  • Body movement and gestures
  • Body stance and posture
  • Eye contact
  • Voice quality
  • Voice volume
  • Voice accent and speech patterns
  • Voice tics
  • Sound quality
  • Learning activities
  • Illustrations
  • Vocabulary

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