Private Speaker and Consultant Contract Critique/Evaluation
Speakers: $300
Agents, Bureaus: $750

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Learn how your contract - or the one you received from the group hiring you - may be failing to work for you and failing to protect your interests and learn how we can fix it.

Alternative to this service: Have Andrea negotiate your contract for you for a straight fee or a commission, no matter what fee you decide to charge. (This is an optional service).

How to Start? Send a copy of the contract you receive to Andrea and she will assess it for its merit and point out where it needs to be changed and what better wording can be inserted or substituted.

Andrea's background: "I've negotiated speaker contracts since 1990 on behalf of such noted speakers as Canadian novelist and poet Margaret Atwood. I'll scrutinize yours to ensure you have a contract that provides the terms, fees, and conditions that work best for you."

We will cover these elements:
1. The Agreement
2. The Program
3. Time and Place
4. Fees
5. Payment
6. Expenses
7. Inability to Appear
8. Cancellation
9. Facilities
10. Equipment
11. Additional Activities
12. Modification
13. Governing Law
14. Signing and Distribution
Why you should have this critique/evaluation:
1. You need a contract that works for you and takes into account these situations:

What happens if they cancel the event?

How can I find out if they can afford to pay me more than they offered?

Am I leaving money on the table?

What kinds of benefits can I insert into the agreement that I'd enjoy without sounding like a prima donna?

What creative solutions are there to get paid (better) when they say they don't pay speakers?

What can I do when the group won't let me sell my book or promote my services at the event?

Am I asking for too much or too little?

2. You likely do not have someone advocating for your speaking interests. Having a brilliant contract will ensure you're looking after your own interests more than just adequately.

3. Most contract templates that are free on the Internet do not address your own specific needs.

4. You will learn to increase your fees by 50% and in some cases even double or triple what you've been receiving to this point.

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