This is Chapter 5 from my book, Sell Your Advice and Knowledge: 250 tips for Consultants, Specialists and Spokesmen.

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1. I am a consultant. I earn my living by selling my information and advice for a fee.

2. I charge for my time spent with others listening and/or giving advice, during business and after business hours -- in person, on the telephone, in classes or seminars.

3. I do not give my advice for free, or charge less than my stated fee to any one, for any reason, especially those who have money to spend elsewhere.

4. I do not accept barter as payment – especially in exchange for something I don't need or want.

5. I begin charging from the moment the appointment was to begin, even if the client is late.

6. I do not reduce or discount my fees, unless I reduce the value of the activity accordingly.

7. I increase my fees yearly (and, if demand warrants, twice yearly). My project fees for 2015 are calculated at an hourly rate of $1200 per hour.

8. I do not work with the kind of people who do not return my phone calls or fail to follow through on what they promise to do.

9. I do not provide work on a volunteer basis that I do for a living, unless I decide to do one activity a year for free for a worthy cause.

10. My office hours are 9 AM to 5 PM, Monday to Friday. My fees for meeting clients after hours (including weekends and holidays) will increase 50%-100%, depending on my resistance.

11. I expect clients to read and sign agreement letters which state my fees, the services I will provide, when I am to be paid, and for how long the rate will be valid.

12. For brief personal consultations I expect payment at the end of the session . . . before the client leaves, or before I leave the client’s office.

13. For lengthy assignments for new clients I require a retainer in advance which may be paid to me monthly. I provide services until the money runs out.

14. I require payment in advance for telephone consultations of 15 minutes or more. I tape record those calls – with your permission – as documentation. And you're entitled to a copy.

15. I invoice right away for out-of-pocket expenses, and expect payment within 10 days.

16. Out-of-pocket expenses may include meals, private accommodation, travel and transportation, photocopies, printing, equipment rentals; and significant long distance charges, postage, courier expenses, etc. These are estimated in advance for approval and billed separately.

17. Substantial travel time during business hours is usually chargeable and is billed at my daily and half-day rates.

18. I am a professional speaker: I do not speak for free or for less than my stated rates. Working for free does nothing to promote my value and worth.

19. I do not accept social calls or visits during work hours. I do not accept social engagements that take me away from work.

20. I do not give away my classes, my time, my books, my advice as promotional tools, or out of a sense of obligation just because someone has been nice to me or given me a gift.

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