Successful Consulting: How the Best Independent Consultants Get Started
The notes from the Learning Annex seminar developed by Andrea Reynolds, $19

If you've been giving away your advice for free until now, or you're thinking of switching from employment to independent consulting start here. These are my handouts/class notes from my full day Learning Annex seminar.


Seminar Creator: Andrea Reynolds
Andrea Reynolds has been polishing, positioning, and promoting independent consultants, professionals, how-to authors, and other knowledge-sharers since 1977. She is a speaker, writer, publisher of newsletters and booklets, and author of numerous manuals on self-promotion, marketing professional services, and selling specialized advice.

These are the notes from the original, full day,
Successful Consulting seminar Andrea created for beginning consultants (basic level), now at a price substantially lower than the then $79.00 one-day seminar registration fee.

Contents: Successful Consulting
• Why Consulting is a Good Choice
• The Downside of Consulting
• Functions of a Consultant
• Why Companies Hire Consultants
• Why Firms Are Reluctant to Hire Consultants
• Criteria for Accepting Work
• Setting Up Your Home-based Business
• Organize Your Office for Effectiveness
• Determining Client Markets
• Exercise: Your Business Plan
• Minimize Your Risks
• Feasibility for Success
• Knowledge Which Clients Want
• What Individual Clients Want to Know
• What Business Clients Want to Know
• Reasons to Offer Information Products
• Developing Information Products
• Suggestions for Information Products
• Determining Your Cost Per Hour
• Ways to Quote Fees; When to Increase Fees
• How to Increase Fees; How to Quote Fees
• Warning Signs of a Problem
• Protecting Yourself When Hiring Sub-Consultants
• How to Avoid Giving Away Free Advice: How to Say NO Gracefully
• How to Overcome Marketing Obstacles
• How to Keep Clients
• How to Be Perceived as a Professional
• Ways to Promote Your Practice
• The Decision-Making Process
• Other Ways to Make a Decision
• The Proposal Process; The Initial Client Contact; The Client Interview
• Deciding Whether to Submit a Proposal; Proposal Format
• What Makes a Proposal Successful; How to Write a Proposal
• How to Present a Proposal
• Letters of Agreement
• Your Services Brochure
• Ethics and Issues
• Characteristics of a Good Consultant
• Exercise: Define Your Services

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