I can find an extra $500 to $1500 in your monthly budget

Some people tell me they "can't afford"my professional services. I can prove them wrong... if they will let me. Some won't let me and won't hire me. They work against their own best interests because what I can achieve for them will make them more money than they spend.

An example: Most actors don't handle money well. They retain management firms to do that for them. I'm willing to be a temporary money manager for authors, experts, speakers... anyone.

The first step: I will show you where in your income-expense budget you can find $500 to $1,000 extra dollars to afford my income-generating advice to help you afford my services.

Out of Budget

Your investment is $99. However, it will cost you nothing... if you subsequently use the savings I find to hire me. Or if I fail to find at least $500 in your budget, there is no cost to you for this effort.

Please ask me for a PayPal payment button or use my email address with PayPal (crisiswriter@gmail.com) or send payment to the mailing address on the Contact page.

Here's what you must do:

1. Fill in the income and expense form I have posted. When you send it to me, I am the only one who will see your financial information and I will not share it with anybody else. Promise.

2. Be truthful. No padding of expenses and no minimizing of assets.

3. Invest the extra money I find for you in my services or products that should help you recover money or property.

That's the deal. Deal or no deal?

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