Writer's Fortune Cookie Predictions

If I accept your book to publish, I'll send you one of these (free) to ensure you finish your book.

Imagine breaking open a fortune cookie with a
prophecy of writing success. This little package contains 42 messages from a bossy oracle that push you to think bigger and get writing. Even though we don't supply the actual cookies, you can pluck out one message a day for 6 weeks when you need inspiration.



Writer's Fortune Cookie Prediction #41: You will turn that rejected article into a tip sheet and sell it directly to your target reader for an irresistible price. Profits will surpass your original expectation. Copyright Andrea Reynolds 1996-2015.

Writer's Fortune Cookie Prediction #9: You will be asked to teach an unusual writing course. Say yes. Your students will teach you. Copyright Andrea Reynolds 1996-2015.

Writer's Fortune Cookie Predictions are perfect as...
1. A secret weapon against "writer's block."

2. Membership premiums for writers groups.

3. A fund raising item for writer's groups.

4. Souvenir items at book fairs and book festivals.

5. Motivators for writing classes.

6. Holiday stocking stuffers for writers.

7. Inserts in real fortune cookies for the writers in your life.

8. A thoughtful gift or clever fund raiser for your writer's conference, book fair, or literacy project.

You don't have to be one of our authors to have your own Writer's Fortune Cookie Predictions,
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