Do You Understand Crowdfunding?

For the third time we have successfully crowd-funded a book, The Kindness Test, one of three books in our publishing queue. (The other two books we crowd-funded with private investors were The 1982 Executive Guide to Professional Image Consultants in Canada, and The Halo Factor.)


When people saw the white letters of our book title on the sides of our big red van, they wanted to know more about the future book. They seemed to be quite fascinated that they were in conversation with a real author.


What we found "interesting" is that most people who were excited about the book did NOT want to be a patron even though their investment was fully refundable at any time prior to publication. They didn't want to share in the profits by paying a lower price for the book nor share in the publishing process excitement. Most people we talked to on both sides of the Canadian/US border said, "I'll buy a copy at full price when it's ready." Perhaps most people still don't understand the concept of crowd-funding even though many of these people do enjoy gambling at the casinos.

Of the 1500 units of The Kindness Test available to the reading public, all but 1/2 a unit are now spoken for. These people who took a small financial risk are our patrons. They will share in the net profits of the book and any spinoffs, like paid speaking events that result - about 37.5% - when it is published and selling. The author-publisher of the book holds the other 2500 units. These backers will also be acknowledged by name and/or company inside the book. (Most of the patrons hold multiple units, from 2 to 200.)

The prepublication price is currently $9.95 for the e-book edition and the post-publication price will be $19.95. Readers can pre-order any time prior to publication.