Are You "Full of Yourself?"

Or, as we older folks use to say: Are you "too big for your 'britches'"?

After observing author-speaker-coaches over my 39 years in professional practice, I've decided there are certain behaviors of people that I should not serve.

Here, however, is a list of behaviors of people I prefer to work with:

1. You treat others (and me) with respect.

2. You keep your word.

3. You answer my questions – asked in an effort to assist you.

4. You exhibit good manners.

5. You say thank you when I spend time giving you free advice.

6. You reply in a timely manner when time matters.

7. You reply quickly when I prepare a written proposal for you.

8. You treat me as your professional equal and not as a subordinate.

9. You speak up on behalf of people who are being bullied in your presence.

And when I say, "work with" that also means I will be more amenable to refer business or clients to you and give you a glowing recommendation.

Remember, you may have five years' experience as a speaker- author - coach, but I have 49 years' experience as a professional (paid) speaker and 39 years' experience as an independent consultant advising high-profile individuals.

I may have been speaking and consulting since before you were born, so I deserve to be treated with a degree of respect for having been a pioneer in the field you may have entered long after me.