How to Address Difficult Behaviors and Personalities... and stand up to bullies, $14.95

Andrea's Seminar E-Manual: Stand Up! ...and address others' critical, manipulative, and controlling behavior

This was a course I created and conducted for over two years at a hospital (Hamot, Erie PA). Many of the "students" were professional medical staff who needed some assertiveness training to help them stand up to various bosses, adminstrative staff, patients, and patients' families. (If you've seen E.R., you get the picture.) You can now have all the course notes, revealing exercises, and very specific tips and insights I provided to the class over 3 and 4 weeks. You can invite me to present it to your group.


  • What intimidates me? (What weakens your confidence?)
  • About me... (Insight into your current approach)
  • My goals for this class (Plan for your success)
  • Confidence Quiz (Tells you how confident your are today.)
  • 20 Positive Things About Me (Raises your confidence level)
  • Things I can do to increase my confidence level (Checklist)
  • Quiz: Victims and Assertive People (What does you behavior say?
  • My Personal Rights (A quiz)
  • Personal Bill of Rights (24 Rights to Own)
  • Behavior Styles in Confronting Situations (Passive, Aggressive, Assertive, Passive-Aggressive)
  • Types of Criticism (4 Types defined)
  • Some Ways to Respond to Criticism (6 ways to try)
  • How to Confront Assertively (5 Step approach)
  • Assertiveness Skills (9 responses to blocking gambits)
  • Blocking Gambits (9 obstacles to healthy disagreement)
  • Strategies for Assertiveness (18 smart ideas)
  • How to Complain (5 tips, 11 great examples)
  • 14 People Skills I Can Develop (14 smart strategies for everyday life)
  • Ways to Say NO! (8 to get you started)
  • Seven Steps to Successful Change (works for healthy living too)
  • Reading List (17 classic books for further reading)
  • Appendix: 15 questions for discussion
Please note: A licencing arrangement is required from Andrea Reynolds if you have intentions of teaching from this material. Contact Andrea to discuss.

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